Staging Your Home For Sale

Staging a home for sale is the home seller’s newest opportunity to sell their home more quickly and possibly for more money. It brings in the emotional aspects for the home buyer – giving them a glimpse of a lifestyle the home will provide.Home for Sale

Staging a home involves not only removing clutter and doing simple repairs but also streamlining furniture to improve traffic flow and to highlight spaciousness of each room. Highlighting focal points such as fireplaces and views is also a focus in home staging. And using color – soothing tones that will appeal to a large number of buyers – is essential to make a home welcoming and saleable.

But the first step in the process is increasing your curb appeal.

Curb Appeal – It’s a Necessity

Moving buyers inside a home for sale instead of driving by takes curb appeal – that emotional draw that says “The outside’s great – you should see the inside.” To create that appeal, you should begin removing any clutter that has accumulated on the outside of the home, in the driveway or near the curb.

Next give your home a “bath” – power washing the outside of the house, the driveway and sidewalks to remove any peeling paint and dirt. Washing windows inside and outside will bring out that shine that appeals to more home buyers.

After the thorough washing, touch up paint as needed and give the front door a fresh coat of paint that compliments the home’s body color but gives that punch of color that will draw the buyer’s eye to the front door.

Lastly, trim up those bushes and trees to give your home a neat appearance. Plant brightly colored flowers in the beds or in pots on the porch. More color brings more attention so don’t scrimp on the flowers.

home-foyerMoving Inside – De-Clutter And Pack Up

Once the outside is bright and sparkling, it’s time to move indoors. First on the list of to-do’s is to de-clutter – remove all excess toys, furniture, knick-knacks. Clutter makes a room look smaller than it actually is and can inhibit traffic flow through the house. Get packing boxes and pack up the items that you plan to move with you and donate the items that you don’t. Remember, the idea is to make the rooms look as spacious as possible so if it requires you to rent a storage unit to store some furniture, do it.

Next, any rooms that are painted a color that wouldn’t have mass appeal needs to be repainted a more neutral color. No, that doesn’t mean it has to be painted white or off-white. But the color should be soothing – not bright and over the top. If you aren’t sure about colors, talk to friends and family about the color you think might need to go – they’re sure to have some helpful ideas.

Furniture placement is another concern. After you’ve cleared out the excess furniture, the furniture should be placed for good traffic flow. Don’t place furniture where a potential buyer will have to “walk around” it to get to another room. Each room should have a focal point – a fireplace, windows, a view – and the furniture should be placed to fully compliment that focal point.

Typically, the two most important rooms to buyers are the kitchen and master suite. Special care should be taken to stage these rooms to attract the largest number of potential buyers.