Selecting a Realtor

10 Easy Steps to Home Ownership

Step #1
Selecting the real estate professional who is right for you, can be as simple as asking friends, family and other individuals whose judgments you trust. Attending open houses is another way to meet and identify agents who express professionalism and integrity. Once you identify agents who will meet those needs, the rest is chemistry. The real estate professional should be someone with whom you would feel comfortable working closely with – as a partner. Find someone you trust, who will give you the facts, help you make intelligent, well-informed decisions and work with you throughout the entire process. Some questions you might ask include:

  • Experience in the real estate industry and prior background. An experienced agent may have more insight, but a new agent may have innovative ideas or more energy and time.
  • Letters of recommendation or a list of previous clients and their phone numbers
  • Knowledge of the area where you wish to live

As you ask these questions, pay attention to whether the agent is listening closely to what you say. Is the agent asking follow-up questions which will enable the agent to better understand your needs and wants? Is the agent educating you by explaining the buying process to you? Tell the agent what your expectations are from the agent and ask whether the agent will be able to accommodate those expectations.

The brokerage firm that your agent is associated with is also important. Do they track their customer service records by surveying past clients? What are past clients saying about the agent and the company?

Once you’ve identified the agent you’d like to work with, sit down with the agent and work out the details of your relationship. In Idaho, the Realtor is required to explain the different types of Buyer representation. As a Buyer, you may remain a customer, sign a Buyer’s Representation contract and become a client, and choose whether to be represented in a Limited Dual Agency Representation agreement.

A real estate professional should be able to help you with the next step toward homeownership – getting pre-approved with a mortgage lender.

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