First Time Home Buyer

Buying your first home can be an overwhelming experience. Should you become a “client” or remain a customer? Home inspection or no home inspection? “Signing” vs. “closing”? And all that other real estate jargon! At this site, you can learn the benefits of homeownership vs renting and become educated about what you need to know before purchasing a home. Here’s 10 easy steps to homeownership.

Step #1 – Selecting A Realtor

Step #2 – Loan Approval

Step #3 – Identifying Needs and Wants

Step #4 – Previewing Homes

Step #5 – Writing/Negotiating the Offer

Step #6 – Home Inspection

Step #7 – Reviewing Title Commitment

Step #8 – Final Walk-Through

Step #9 – The Closing

Step #10 – Possession & Move-in

Show Me The Money
Looking for a low interest loan and money for closing costs? First Time Home Buyer Loans will show you how you can begin your dream of homeownership.