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#5. Economists are expecting interest rates to rise in the second half of 2015. As rates increase, the dollar amount you qualify for decreases.Continue Reading TOP 5 REASONS TO BUY A HOME NOW


Many people think it’s not a good time to sell their home even though changes in their lives demand a change in size or location of their home. The thought is that because home prices fell so dramatically beginning in 2007,Continue Reading IS IT A GOOD TIME TO SELL?

Mortgage Insurance Premium Deduction

Are you taking all the deductions off your income taxes that you’re entitled to? If you itemize your deductions, you are entitled to deduct mortgage insurance premiums — just as you do mortgage interest. Continue Reading Mortgage Insurance Premium Deduction

Recast your mortgage

Want to lower your monthly mortgage payment but without the hassle (and cost) of refinancing? You may want to consider “recasting” your loan.
Recasting a mortgage involves paying down the principal amount owed on the loan. If you have funds available that you’d like to invest somewhere other than a low interest savings account, paying down the principal on your mortgage and having the loan recast will reduce your monthly payment fairly significantly.
The definition of “recast” when… Continue Reading Recast your mortgage

Shadow Inventory?

If you listen to the media discussing the housing situation in the United States, you will inevitably hear the words “shadow inventory.” The definition of shadow inventory differs depending who’s doing the defining. For purposes of this blog, I’ll define it as “homes that have been foreclosed on, owned by a lender who’s holding them in their inventory rather than putting them on the market to sell.”
According to the media, there exists a huge amount of shadow inventory that could bring … Continue Reading Shadow Inventory?

Importance of getting “Pre-Approved”

The first question most first time home buyers ask me is what they need to do first. My reply is always the same — “Contact a lender and get pre-approved.” Then I usually discuss the importance of getting pre-approved:

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