I See Paint in Your Future….

If you’ve been thinking about selling your home, one of the least expensive ways to make your home more salable and increase the value is to paint. Bringing a rich – but not intrusive – color to the walls of your home will affirm for buyers that your home has been cared for. Here are a few tips when you decide to paint:

paint can

1) Choose a color that brings warmth but is not “in your face.” If you’re selling your home, it’s important to remember that someone else will be living with the color. So choose a color that is still neutral and works with your carpet, window coverings and cabinetry.

2) Sherwin-Williams Company has a great website (sometimes it’s a little slow) with a tool called a “Visualizer”. It allows you to try out colors or combinations of colors on walls. One thing to remember is that computer monitor colors will look a little different than the actual color on the wall but this tool gives you an idea of what the color will look like.

3) Once you have a color that you think will work, buy a sample and try it out. Every paint store that I’ve used has samples that range in price from $3 – $5 dollars. It allows you to put some paint on your walls and see whether it’s right for the room.

4) Lastly, painting your home prior to putting it on the market can increase the value and salability but only if the job is done right. There is an art to painting done right and if you don’t have experience or have someone helping you with experience, it might be better to have it professionally painted. There’s nothing worse than a paint job gone wrong.

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