#5. Economists are expecting interest rates to rise in the second half of 2015. As rates increase, the dollar amount you qualify for decreases.

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#4. Home prices continue to appreciate so the longer you wait, the less home you can afford. And as home prices appreciate, homeowners build equity and net worth.

#3. Substantial Tax benefits including interest and property tax deductions each year that you own the home and when you sell, capital gains are excluded from income tax*.

#2. Have trouble saving? Home ownership is a type of “forced savings”. Each payment you make reduces the principal and puts money in your pocket.

And the # 1 reason to buy a home now……

…… You’re paying for housing whether you rent or own. Why not build
equity in your own home instead of increasing your landlord’s net worth?

Even if you had a short sale or a foreclosure, you may qualify for a new mortgage. Give me a call and let’s put YOUR rent money to work for you.

* maximum of $250,000. single and $500,000 married couple

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